What Our Clients Say :: Coaching

"Working with Susan Donnan has changed me significantly. A year ago, my financial situation was desperate and my life was chaotic. Her gentle presence, deft questions and consistent support enabled me to gain the insight to identify my deepest values, the persistence to pursue my goals and the grit to express my vision in the work I now do.

It is a pleasure to report that my circumstances are substantially improved, my work brings me joy and, with Susan's help, the way forward continues to unfold."

--- A U.S. Corporate Trainer/Consultant

"Susan did a great job helping me think through and manage a transition period in my life and career. Her pre- and post-session exercises, in-session questions and excellent listening skills enabled me to reflect and delve into my situation, producing new ideas and alternative ways to consider my options.  In short, Susan gave me flexibility, patience and motivation to handle a difficult time.  She achieved this with her kind, considerate and respectful approach which made my time in coaching with her a rewarding and enjoyable experience."

--- A U.K. expatriate living in the U.S.

"Susan is an excellent strategist with exceptional experience. As a mentor and coach, she has guided me through project steps in a clear and concise manner. Her differentiating strengths, the way she deals with various issues and in filling knowledge gaps more clearly, have helped me reduce my learning curve. Through my working with Susan, I have increased quite considerably my own knowledge concerning strategy, planning, and other specific management principles.

I appreciate very much Susan's calm and methodical approach to project issues. She has always found the time to go through any unclear issue and with an ever-present smile. I would personally be extremely happy to work with her again."

--- A U.K. Change Management Consultant working in Russia

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