What Our Clients Say :: Consulting

"Susan enlightened our whole company on what change management is, how it was needed in our circumstances, and the risks of getting it wrong versus the benefits of getting it right. She provided clear insights into the 'hard' and 'soft' organisational levers required to be addressed. She was the catalyst for the creation of an extensive and detailed communications plan identifying and flexing to all relevant stakeholders.

Susan knew when to change her approach between coach, facilitator and driver to ensure team members developed skills as well as getting things done. She has a low-key open style that easily engages people to achieve results. Yet she is also willing to push when required. Susan is extremely well organised generating a high degree of effectiveness."

--- Andrea Nemeth, Director of Human Resources
--- John Paterson, General Manager
Supply Chain Transformation Project in Hungary

"Susan brought with her the relevant knowledge and experience to help us set up a professional change management framework for our Pan-European SAP Convergence Program. Her work, still being used after two years, contributed to the success of our continued rollout across Europe. Susan is very structured, well organised, and focused. She is a dedicated professional and a pleasure to work with."

--- Erik Ploeg, Program Manager
SAP Convergence Program in Europe

"Susan was crucial in developing our change management and communication strategy for our US$20mn CRM project in Russia. She was highly committed in giving us focused, flexible, customer-oriented solutions on time with outstanding quality. Her work was a vital building block of our successful project."

--- Philip Straehl, Project Manager
CRM Implementation Project in Russia

"Susan provided great value to our project by framing our Change Management approach at the beginning and making it tangible by defining clear deliverables at each stage of the project. Since we had no knowledge and experience in managing change in a structured way, this input saved us a lot of time in research, trial, and error. I also liked the clear link to the project plan, which made Change Management an integral part of Project Management and not a standalone initiative. We used the main framework provided by Susan throughout the entire project.

Susan was flexible in accepting different roles on the project team depending on our requirements. Her involvement started as advisory, then went to be more hands on as we didn't have enough internal resources devoted to Change Management. Then we got the required resources and Susan had to take a more coaching role, transferring her knowledge to the internal team members as quickly as possible. Susan handled these transitions well and adjusted well to the changes in our requirements. I also valued Susan's openness and readiness to share her knowledge and experience. Many consultants are trying to hide their 'tools of the trade' whereas Susan wasn't like that at all."

--- Anna Urnova, Change Manager
Supply Chain Transformation Project in Russia

"Susan has a breadth of knowledge and the ability to translate theory into pragmatic and practical approaches and tools. She anticipated our needs and was always one step ahead of us. Our organisation was learning about change management. Susan provided solutions that we were capable of grasping and executing. She was able to see the big picture and work at a strategic level, but she was also willing to work at a detailed and tactical level when required. I appreciated Susan's coaching and her willingness to take the time to help me develop my change management skills and knowledge."

--- Lesley Beal, Change Manager
Global SAP Implementation Project