Project Portfolio

Metavolution specialises in whole-system transformational change that typically involves simultaneous realignment of process, technology, organisation, and culture in support of a new business strategy.  In our roles as consultant and coach, some typical project deliverables include: 

The following is a representative sample of our projects.

Supply Chain Transformation

The situation: Our client's business strategy was to transform its wholesaler-based supply chain to a direct-store-delivery supply chain.

The project: Implementated new business processes and technology; created  a new distribution network and a new sales organisation; and eventually integrated  the new and existing organisations.

The business results: A sustainable increase in market share over a two-year period and top market position.

Strategic Planning

The situation: Our client's ambition was to grow its company from good to great. 

The project: A three-day off-site strategic planning meeting was held with its top 45 managers. The outputs of the meeting included a new corporate vision, a clear picture for winning in the EU, and a 3-year strategic plan for achieving the new vision. 

The business results: With the successful execution of the strategic plan, the client had achieved competitive readiness when Hungary joined the EU in 2004. Momentum for change is still maintained to-date.

SAP Implementation

The situation: Our client has many business units across Europe, each having its own SAP or ERP solutions. This undermined any opportunity for supply chain optimisation and economy of scale.

The project: Converged all commercial business units in the European region onto a shared SAP system. 

The business results: Improved business efficiency, increased flexibility, and reduced cost of ownership. The success of this convergence program has led to the extension of this SAP template to include manufacturing, being rolled out for the rest of the operating units in Europe.

The following is a representative sample of the tools and models that we use in our projects.

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An example of an Integrated Project Plan

An application of David Nadler's Congruence Model

Jay Galbraith's Star Model which we use for Organisational Design

Our concept of Whole-system Alignment

The 5-D Cycle of Appreciative Inquiry

What is
Appreciative Inquiry ?